Corrugated Side Wall Conveyor Belt

    Corrugated Side Wall Conveyor Belt
    Product nameCorrugated Side Wall Conveyor Belt

    1)Features of corrugated sidewall rubber conveyor belt:
    Corrugated sidewall belt generally is used with corrugated wall conveyor together, and also used with general belt conveyor.
    Corrugated sidewall belt is suitable for the horizontal, short distance condition..The angle will be not less than 30 degrees.

    1.Materials can be conveyed at a large slope up to 90 degrees.
    2.The belt has large loading capacity and the materials cannot be scattered.
    3.The slope of conveying can be changed from horizontal to sloping, or from sloping to horizontal.
    4.The corrugated sidewall conveyor belt is simple in structure,  flexible in arrangement and occupying only a small area.

    2). Usage:
    high angle corrugated sidewall rubber conveyor belt used in Construction industry
    Potash and salt mining
    Stones and earth
    Chemical industry
    Recycling industry
    Rural co-ops and traders in agricultural commodities

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